Ergonomic Architecture for Command & Control Centers

Ergonomic Architecture for the Petrochemical Industry

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North Process Control Building: The Bahrain Petroleum Co.


Given CRD's success with a small, satellite control room program for BAPCO, we were again asked to participate in a larger scale project to plan and design two, separate control buildings (North Process + new, LSD plant).

Initial planning and data collection phase included working sessions with Bapco's operations group, console operators and shift supervisors to discuss all issues relating to the building arrangement. Two different site possibilities were studied to determine comparative: travel distance to process units; orientation to the process; and relative blast distance from volatile units.

Conceptual planning followed, leading up to an approved 'arrangement drawing' from which detailed design followed. Included in this program was a blast study, under sub-contract to CRD, by a leading US blast engineering consultant.

Design development efforts included the complete detailing of all interior finishes, materials, colors and furnishings that are able to withstand the rigors of a 24 hour, refinery environment. Stone, wood and glass are the principal materials. The above plan and elevations show the entry corridor leading to the control room.

Final design development drawings and renderings were delivered to Bapco within 5 months of project start-up.