Ergonomic Architecture for Command & Control Centers

Ergonomic Architecture for the Petrochemical Industry

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HONAM OIL. YOSU, KOREA: one of the largest refineries in South Korea, the Honam Oil refinery has an area of over 2 million sq. meters and processes 400,000 bbl/day.  Honam Oil joint ventured with Caltex in the planning and construction of a new, central control building. 

CRD was brought into the project soon after a site had been selected and initial building layouts were underway.  Within four weeks of project start-up, it became clear that the proposed building was one 'bay' too small to accomodate all of the planned functions.  New layouts were soon prepared that included all of the operational functions on the ground floor (shown above) with administrative and engineering staff occupying a 2nd story above.  A complete design development program was completed within five months of project initiation.



Transition areas were created in the corridors to allow for a change in finishes: from strictly utilitarian in the rear entry areas - to more finished in the main lobby and control room areas.


This photograph was taken during CRD's final site visit when refinery personnel were outfitting the control room, to begin the process of DCS control change-over.


Front lobby and vestibule areas were outfitted with durable stone and wood finishes.  Carpet 'walk-off' mats were installed flush to the stone flooring for easy removal for cleaning.