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Control Room Design, LLC (CRD) is a consulting company with over 30 years experience in the planning and design of consoles, control rooms and control buildings for the petrochemical industry. Our portfolio includes more than 40 projects, worldwide. Working in affiliation with the client's architect of record, CRD brings ergonomic expertise to the program through experience with the 'human element', i.e having extensive experience in observing and recording behaviors of control room operators. This helps determine the actual needs that the facility must fulfill. In a sense, we develop a strong sympathy for the user that directly impacts our thinking as designers.


CRD works in direct concert with the client, the GC and the local architect of record (if so designated) or can recommend highly experienced architects, with whom CRD has collaborated with in the past. Most building design projects, however, only require some three to five staff members including architectural and interior designers. We're large enough to bring considerable resource to any given project, but small enough to provide personal attention to every assignment.

This website serves as a brief introduction to our background and capabilities in ergonomics, applied human factors and interior & architectural design. Our services include site requirement studies, personnel task and facility analyses, traffic flow studies and complete interior and architectural design all the way through to bid-level/construction drawings.


Doug Spranger was educated in architecture and industrial design at Montana State University, completing the Master of Industrial Design program at Pratt Institute in 1972. He then joined a NYC architectural firm and served as an adjunct professor of design from 1973 to 1975. Founding Human Factors/Industrial Design in 1974, the firm had grown into a leader in control room design for world-wide clients in the petrochemical industry.

Mr. Spranger sold the product design aspects of HFID to Refac Technology in 1999 and formed Control Room Design, LLC, continuing to work in affiliation with leading architects on applied human factors studies and control room and building design. His 25+ years in the petrochemical and control room field brings considerable experience to new assignments.
Control Room Design, LLC has been operating continuously, as a consulting firm, since 2001.