Ergonomic Architecture for Command & Control Centers

Space Planning & Design

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ACOUSTIC DESIGN:  to complement an optimized lighting plan, CRD pays careful attention to providing acoustic controls to absorb airborne noise from voice, radios, traffic, etc. Typically, we specify perforated metal ceiling tiles, fitted with a special sound-absorbing material above. This ceiling, together with durable acoustic wall panels and anti-static/oil-resistant carpet tiles on the pedistal floor provide a dramatic improvement over conventional control room acoustics.



CONTROL BUILDING PLANNING:  for a control room to be successful, it is imperative that the consoles be properly outfitted with screens, keyboards, communications equipment and worksurface space.  In addition, spacing between consoles must provide for an appropriate degree of privacy, yet allow Operators within any given 'sector' to easily communicate with one another.  Over the past two decades, CRD has gained considerable experience in these spacing requirements.


BUILT-IN EQUIPMENT:  all control rooms contain a variety of special equipment and functions that are not incorporated into the consoles.  To cater for items such as Fire Alarm Panels, HVAC shut-offs, general room lighting dimmers, fire extinguishers, thermostats and all other anciliary items, we typically design a custom wall-panel to accomodate these various items.  These panels have modular, replaceable panels so that updates can be easily made in the future.


MATERIALS & FINISHES:  to withstand the rigors of a 24/7/365 facility, CRD specifies very durable finishes and materials.  Sound absorbing acoustic wall panels have 'hardened' edges and a very durable wall covering is typically used.  In our experience, we have found that all furniture worktops must be constructed of solid plastic (i.e. Corian) that can survive for many years without repair.  Colors variations are presented to refinery management for approval.