Ergonomic Architecture for Command & Control Centers

Ergonomic Architecture for the Petrochemical Industry

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This control building was part of a larger assignment to plan and design a series of buildings (shown at right) for Star's new, grassroots refinery in Map Ta Phut, Thailand.  The CRD designers and architects worked closely with Star's operations, instrument and management teams to ensure that both the layout and detailed design met the actual needs of the control room operators.  Bid-level construction drawings were completed within six months of project start-up.


According to Star's Managing Director, Don Romano: "The diligence, creativity and flexibility of CRD's design team was instrumental in creating a sophisticated, durable and functional set of refinery buildings.  We were continually amazed at the ease in dealing with CRD and their ability to meet all requirements on a timely basis.  Their foresight and planning efforts not only reduced the design duration, but that of our construction."


An early isometric view of the control room itself was used to quickly explain to Star personnel how the consoles could be effectively arranged in 'sectors', each containing up to 3 consoles.



The entry Lobby was finished in durable stone and wood materials, with featured artwork.


The main entry included a large airlock, featuring automatic glass-sliding doors to keep the dust and humidity from entering the pressurized portion of the control building.


The final control building layout incorporated all inputs from the operation, instrumentation and management groups.  CRD developed a complete set of bid-level drawings which, in fact, JGC used for final construction.  Site visits were undertaken throughout the course of final construction to ensure that all details were properly implemented by the sub-contractors.

CRD's designers worked closely with Star's management to study the requirements for all of the refinery's buildings.  In addition to layout of the central control building, we planned the site and all related buildings.  CRD also provided detailed design layouts of the Refinery Entrance Building, Management Office Building, Refinery Office Building, Cafeteria and Fire Station. Following construction of the occupied buildings, CRD designed and prepared detailed construction drawings of a series of cantilevered covered-parking shelters, which can be seen in the aerial photo (above).